Over the last 15 years House of Imports has gone through extensive research to engineer a tank that would be best suited for each industry. Each tank goes through rigorous testing to ensure safety before being delivered. Now offering a five year warranty, HOI stands behind their tank product and insures safety. From welding the tank inside and out to

performing several pressure test to insure perfection we do our best here at House of Imports. Feel free to contact our engineers at HOI or our experienced sales force to further assist you in anyway. Below you can take a closer look atour tank design or feel free to come visit us for a personal inspection of the tank.

Standard Features

  • 12″ Low Profile Primary Shutoff w/ Stainless Steel Float Ball
  • 20″ Top Manway
  • 35″ Rear Clean-Out Manway
  • Hose Hooks( Conveniently located at a low angle for anyone to access )
  • Full Length Polished Aluminum Hose Trays
  • 12 Galloon  Secondary Filter
  • Ladder to Manway
  • Ball Float Level Indicator
  • Full Length Diamond Plated Aluminum Hose Trays
  • Full Length Diamond Plated Tank Side Protector
  • 12 Gallon Secondary Shutoff
  • Ladder To Manway
  • Rear Work Lights


  • Sight Glasses
  • Interior Epoxy Coating
  • Anti-Freeze Heated Valves
  • Internal Primary Plumbing
  • Rear Port From the Bottom Of The Tank
  • Pressure Relief Tank
  • 3 Gallon Flushing and Lubrication Tanks Mounted On The Driver Side Fender
  • Extra Work Lights
  • Hydraulic Manway
  • Hydraulic Hoist Dump Tank
  • Full Rear Opening Door
  • Butterfly, Lever, or Ball Valves